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Welcome to Henan Yongyuan Chemical Materials Co., Ltd.
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About Us

Henan Yongyuan Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990 as a backbone wholly state-owned enterprise. Now, our company is located in Yuanyang County: with a beautiful environment, Yuanyang County is adjacent to the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway to the west and Xinhe New Railway to the north. The No. 1 Asian Highway Bridge—Zhengzhou Yellow River Highway Bridge is prominently located in Yuanyang County. National Highway 107 and Zhenghua Highway pass through Yuanyang county. The Second Yellow River Bridge and the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway are close to Yuanyang county: there is an extensive urban and rural road traffic network formed in Yuanyang county: Known as "the back garden of Zhengzhou City and the southern gate of Xinxiang City". Equipped with a GMP-compliant production plant, a nationally assessed quality inspection center and first-class quality inspection equipment,our company is fully implemented in accordance with the IS09002 standard from raw material procurement, incoming inspection, process control, finished product inspection and factory-leaving inspection to after-sales service.
Now, Yongyuan is a modern enterprise specializing in the marketing, scientific research and trade of pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates. Our company is located at No. 60 Yuanzheng Road of Yuanyang County in Henan Province, with an area of about 6,700 square meters, a building area of 820 square meters, a registered capital of CNY 10 million yuan and 134 employees; our company has gathered a group of high-level professionals and built a young and professional team consisting of 26 professional technicians. "Customers as the number one priority, quality for survival, science and technology as the support, management for efficiency" is our business tenet, and "employing talents, democratic decision-making, people-oriented, honesty and trustworthiness" is the development policy of our company.
Our company cooperates closely with a number of scientific research units, takes green environmental protection as the criterion, and is actually in line with international management mechanisms and management models, and has strong technological development capabilities, advanced equipment and complete testing methods. At present, our company already has modern office facilities and a computer network management system, as well as a new technology development team full of pioneering innovation and a high-quality staff team. All our waste gas and waste water have passed the inspection and acceptance of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, and have the production conditions and capacity of a modern enterprise. With the development concept of honesty, high efficiency, pragmatism and enterprising, our company will work with people with lofty ideals in the same industry to recast a brilliant future under the dawn of the new century!


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